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Muscle relaxant injections in Balwyn

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Anti-wrinkle injections overview
What are anti-wrinkle injections used for?
What happens during an anti-wrinkle treatment?
What are the side effects and risks of anti-wrinkle treatments?
How do anti-wrinkle treatments work?
How do you prepare for anti-wrinkle treatment?
What happens during an anti-wrinkle treatment?
How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

Anti-wrinkle injections overview

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Wrinkle relaxers, also called anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants, which are cosmetic injectables that work by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles and preventing dynamic wrinkles from forming, softening existing facial lines and helping to prevent the formation of new ones.

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial muscle movement. As the muscles move, the skin contracts and the collagen fibres in the dermis break. The body’s ability to restore these fibres and generate new collagen depletes as we age, and the wrinkles stay in place, even when the muscles are relaxed.

Wrinkle relaxers are used to temporarily prevent these muscles from contracting, significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections, also called muscle relaxant injections, are often used to relax muscles of the face, helping to reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles, particularly those that occur due to facial expressions. It is the treatment of choice for forehead lines, crow's feet and lines between the eyebrows (11s). It can also be used to treat lines in the lower face, such as smokers’ lines, and to lift e.g. the eyebrows or the corners of the mouth. In addition to being used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, anti-wrinkles can also reduce tension headaches and reduce a gummy smile, teeth grinding and upper lip sweating.‚Äč

anti-wrinkle treatment idental
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How do Anti-wrinkle treatments work?

During an anti-wrinkle injection treatment in Balwyn, the pharmaceutical is safely injected into specific muscles, in extremely small therapeutic quantities. It works by prohibiting signals from the nerve cells reaching muscles, therefore paralysing them. It does this by preventing the release of a chemical transmitter from nerve endings onto muscle cells, reducing the contraction of these muscles.

The muscle becomes temporarily weakened or paralysed and remains relaxed until the toxin has been broken down by your body. This reduces the movement of the skin above the treated muscle, causing a reduction in the formation and appearance of wrinkles.

"Baby Anti-wrinkles" is often used to partially paralyse the specific facial muscles, allowing for some movement, while reducing or even preventing the formation of deep, static lines.

The effects of treatment lasts between 3-6 months. How often you need anti-wrinkle injections can depend on the dose administered but more often it’s about individual responses to treatment and the rate at which your body breaks down the toxin. Repeat treatments are required to maintain the desired effect of any anti-wrinkle injections.

What happens during an anti-wrinkle treatment appointment?

Step One - Consultation and Consent

It is important to understand that anti-wrinkle treatments are prescription only medicines, and this means that it is important that we know about you and your medical history, and what you would like to achieve as part of the overall facial treatment.. Additionally, the anatomy of the face is complex, it is advisable the you only allow expertly qualified practitioners, like Dr Giulia D'Anna, carry out treatments.

Step Two - The Treatment

Your treatment will take around 15 - 30 minutes. We will take photos of you. Then the first part of your treatment will be marking the target areas on your face, and then we will administer the treatment. Each area is cleansed before proceeding to the next. We will give you instructions of after-care procedures and organise a review appointment.

Step Three - The Check-Up

We will schedule a complimentary follow up visit, especially if it is the first time we are treating you. Each face is different, and each set of muscles is also different in the way they move, the muscle mass present, and the dosage needed to achieve a great result. So it is normal for us to "tweak" your result to balance any little nuances out. We know that anti-wrinkles are fully active at 14 days, so it is a perfect time to review and retreat any areas at this appointment.

Step Four - The Repeat Treatment

Depending on how quickly you metabolise the anti-wrinkle treatment, we will schedule a maintenance visit at 12 weeks. This gives us the opportunity to stay on top of the muscle movement, before it has a real chance to be highly active again. For face slimming patients, this appointment might be scheduled a little later - usually 16-24 weeks after the initial treatment.

What are anti-wrinkle injections used for?

There are a number of cosmetic uses of anti-wrinkle treatment. It can be used for:

  • Forehead lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Softening or defining the jaw angle
  • Crow’s feet (around your eyes)
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Frown lines/11s
  • Marionette lines
  • Neck lines
  • Chin dimples
  • Gummy smile
  • Mouth droop
  • Lipstick lines
  • Facial slimming

anti-wrinkle injections in balwyn

Ideal candidates for anti-wrinkle injections are those who have dynamic wrinkles that are visible when their face is moving. If you have deeper, static wrinkles (which are present even when your face isn’t moving), you may require a combination of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments to achieve the desired outcome.

How should I prepare for my anti-wrinkle treatment?

A week before your anti-wrinkle treatment, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil supplements. These may increase bleeding and bruising. However, you can take paracetamol if needed.

If you are taking any prescribed medication, including aspirin, do not stop taking it – consult your practitioner or your GP first.

Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your treatment, as this also increases the risk of bruising.

What are the risks of anti-wrinkles?

Most clients find anti-wrinkle injections to be relatively painless and straightforward.

Some side effects include:
+ Temporary bleeding/bruising
+ Mild swelling
+ Post-treatment headache
+ More serious side effects can occur for treatment of other areas (e.g. double vision, drooping lip, difficulty swallowing or breathing, change of voice or difficulty pronouncing some words, but this is rare and usually associated with high doses in difficult locations)
This list is not exhaustive and you should consult your practitioner if you are concerned in any way.

DO NOT have anti-wrinkle injections if:
+ You are pregnant or breastfeeding
+ You are trying to get pregnant

You also need to let your practitioner know if:
+ You have a muscular disease (e.g. Bell's Palsy)
+ You have any blood or nervous system disorders
+ You are taking any medications which affect blood clotting
+ You are taking any medicines
+ You have any psychological concerns

How much will my anti-wrinkle treatment cost?

We only use TGA-listed pharmaceuticals, so you can be sure that the level of care is high at iDental. Treatment is usually charged per unit, and there are three brands listed on the TGA register. You can expect to pay $150-$350 per area, depending upon the dosage you need. Beware of very low prices, as these practitioners may be using a very dilute form of the drug, and usually do not offer a follow up visit to review their work. At idental, we believe that the standard of care should be high.

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