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Cosmetic Injections

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Improve | Brighten | Maintain | Smile

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Cosmetic injections in Balwyn

As individuals, we all have different reasons for wanting to change the way we look and ultimately the way we feel.

The muscles of the face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger. And we don't want to change your ability to express yourself. We recognise that our clients want to look softer, not 'frozen'. They prefer to look healthy, rather than 'worked on'. And finally they want to glow, not look 'fake'. You will receive a dental examination prior to any treatments. We are a dental clinic and it is important that we assess your dental health. Skin treatments will be undertaken as a part of a full assessment.

Dr. Giulia is known for achieving very natural results for her clients. We believe that in most cases a conservative cosmetic skin treatment approach is the best way to achieve our refined, defined and refreshed look.

Dr D'Anna's role is to guide your treatment and determine the best plan for you. Treatment will be carried out at iDental, and where necessary, we will refer you to the appropriate practitioner. She works with a team of aesthetic medical doctors for additional treatments.

Lip filler enhancement balwyn dentist
Lip filler enhacnement balwyn

Experts at lip filler treatment

Dr. Giulia will assess your natural lip and carefully tailor your treatment to suit your face. A combination of local anaesthetic and numbing gel will be used to ensure you are comfortable. Dr. Giulia commonly uses a micro-cannula (fine blunt-ended instrument) to administer the Dermal Filler, which tends to reduce bruising and swelling and other risks, but may fine-tune the results with a small needle to achieve your best result. Ultimately, Dr. Giulia will approach your treatment based on the best combination of injectable techniques to achieve the right result for your lips after considered assessment.

What types of lip filler are there?

1. Super soft and natural lips - This will add volume but not a lot of structure. This is perfect for the person who would like a very natural lip enhancement, whilst maintaining their original overall shape

2. Natural Lip Form - this adds both volume and some structure to the lip. We can improve the lip line, without creating lip borders that are exaggerated.

3. Volume Lip - Firmness, volume and lip shape, all whilst being naturally fuller.

4. Super Lip Plumper - this adds definition that is photo ready! We can define the lip line, lip shape and add volume all in the one procedure. The Super lip plumper goes the distance and is for those that want to be noticed.

Dermal Filler | Essentials

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are very versatile and are used to treat many of areas of the face and neck. They are made from a naturally occurring sugar and are very hydrophilic (they hold onto a lot of water), which naturally improves the skin condition.

As we age, natural ageing factors such as loss of facial fat, change in the structure of bones, gravity and loss of elastin and collagen can result in deep lines, saggy skin and areas of hollowing over the face. This combined with external factors such as sun damage and dynamic wrinkles can further cause changes in the once full and supple face.

What do Dermal fillers do?

Dermal fillers can be used to restore this lost volume, contour the shape of the face and enhance facial features naturally. As they volumes, they naturally lift and fill-out the skin, creating better facial harmony.

The longevity of dermal fillers varies, according to the filler that you need, your natural body metabolism and the area of the face that is enhanced.

The filler we use a premium grade TGA-listed gels.
The are made of a naturally occurring sugar, and help to rejuvenate and recount our the face.

What areas can you treat with dermal filler?
Some of the more popular treatments include:
+ Lip augmentation, definition and enhancement
+ Reduction of lines around the lip [smokers lines]
+ Superficial to deep lines around the face including nasolabial folds and marionette lines.
+ Deeper injections to maintain the structure and support beneath these lines increases the longevity of the filler, as does the addition of wrinkle relaxing injections
+ Restoration of lost volume in the cheeks and temples, reducing hollowness and improving smooth contours
+ Tear trough and eye rejuvenation
+ Chin enhancement & Jowl reduction
+ Jawline contouring & structure
+ Non-surgical nose job

What is a non-surgical facelift?

The Liquid face lift which targets a few areas in the face offering maximum lift giving a non-surgical and non-invasive option without the down time

The cosmetic injectors at iDental and Dermal Distinction are committed to maintaining a natural appearance whilst maintaining facial harmony. Dr Giulia has been recognised as an Australian Expert by a global dermal filler brand, which is testament to both her artistic ability and skill in cosmetic injectable treatments.

facial rejuvenation treatment Balwyn
cosmetic injectable treatment Balwyn

Wrinkle relaxers | Balwyn

What are wrinkle relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers, also called anti-wrinkle injections or muscle relaxants, which are cosmetic injectables that work by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles and preventing dynamic wrinkles from forming, softening existing facial lines and helping to prevent the formation of new ones.

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial muscle movement. As the muscles move, the skin contracts and the collagen fibres in the dermis break. The body’s ability to restore these fibres and generate new collagen depletes as we age, and the wrinkles stay in place, even when the muscles are relaxed.

Wrinkle relaxers are used to temporarily prevent these muscles from contracting, significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

How do wrinkle relaxers work?

Wrinkle relaxers are commonly used to treat fine lines to create a younger more refreshed look. The solution injected is a safe muscle-relaxant, used by doctors around the world for decades.

It is one of the most studied and researched procedures and has no long-term side effects. The injections are most commonly used in the frown lines, crows’ feet and forehead lines.

CHIN enhancement balwyn dentist
CHIN filler enhacnement balwyn

Before and After Gallery

  • lip filler natural mature balwyn before
  • lip filler natural mature balwyn
  • chin filler case 1 makeover
  • facial rejuvenation balwyn
  • Lip filler case 3 before
  • Lip filler case 3 after
  • 8 point liquid facelift dermal filler makeover
  • facial slimming case 1 balwyn before
  • facial slimming case 1 balwyn
  • 8-point lift before and after liquid facelift 2
  • facial slimming before case 2
  • facial slimming after case 2
  • chin filler idental before after
  • 8-point lift before and after liquid facelift

It is important to remember that the clients shown in the pictures above all have their own individual features and concerns, which may be different to yours. It is always important to seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified person. We work with each person to identify the best treatments for you so that we can achieve a result that you are happy with and looks good for you. Our aim is to naturally enhance you, whilst making you look like the best version of yourself.

Our training
lip filler expert
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Cheek filler expert
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advanced dermal filler expert
skin science treatment expert

Book your cosmetic injection appointment

If you are interested in creating an overall youthful appearance, with a natural result in Melbourne, come in to talk to us. We have so many options and a slow natural process. We would love to meet with you, discuss the treatment options possible and plan a result that is beautiful, natural and well-proportioned.

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