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Clear Aligners

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Dental aligners overview
What is the aligner process?
What orthodontic treatments do you offer?
What kinds of bite can aligners fix?
How long do aligners take to straighten teeth?
What do I do after aligners?
How do I get started with aligners?
What are the advantages of aligners?

Aligners overview

Adult Aligner Orthodontics

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, but aren’t a big fan of metal braces, clear aligners might be just the thing for you. Straighter teeth don’t just look better; they work better too.
Poorly-aligned teeth can interfere with bite function, can wear out faster, and are more prone to cavities. And once you’ve got a smile you love, you may just find you can’t help but show it off.

orthodontics aligners before and after balwyn
orthodontics aligners makeover balwyn

What are the advantages of aligners?

Technology has made the process of treating misaligned teeth easier for everyone. Clear aligners are a new alternative to traditional metal braces that have been around for decades. They’re made of clear, thin plastic that goes over the teeth and gradually shifts them into place. They can correct minor orthodontic problems like crowding, misalignment, or gaps. However, they take patience and commitment because you have to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day to obtain the desired results fully.

An advantage to this kind of orthodontic appliance is that it’s removable; thus, you can remove them when eating or brushing your teeth.

How long do aligners take to straighten teeth?

Treatment time will vary according to your bite and what we are trying to achieve. Some patients prefer to straighten both the upper and lower teeth, and this will take usually between 6-18 months of treatment.

Some people only need to straighten out a couple of teeth, and this can be as quick as a three month treatment time.

All of our treatment plans offer the option of an express service. This is where we use an orthodontic activator - a small dental oscillator that stimulates bone to modify shape according to pressure. This can literally
half the treatment time.

What is the aligner process?

Step One - Plan the bite

During the first visit, we will discuss your needs and explain how your aligner process will work. A series of photos will be taken, of your face, teeth and smile. This helps us consider what teeth need to be moved, how long treatment will take and what options we should consider.

The idental dentists will use a 3D intra-oral scanner to create 3D digital images of your teeth, which will be used to design your perfect smile.

Step Two - Design and Review

Looking at X-rays, your photos and digital scan, we will prepare an orthodontic treatment plan. This is designed with the exact tooth movements needed. And the best part is, you get to see your smile result before they are even straightened. An aligner "movie" will be made to show you the steps we need to straighten your teeth, and gain your prior approval before commencing.

Once the plan is approved, the first stage of aligners are made in our specialist orthodontic lab.

Step Three - Wear your aligners

When your aligners are ready, your dental visit will involve a few quick phases:
+ Adhere tooth coloured attachments to your teeth. These act as "handles" to help us twist, push and pull teeth into position.
+ Perform any tooth reshaping.
+ Give you your aligners, along with instructions for wear. Generally you keep your aligners in for 22 hours a day, removing them for eating and brushing your teeth.

Step Four - Completion

This part is exciting! Once you and your cosmetic dentist are happy with the result, we will detach the attachments, polish your teeth and rescan your teeth.
Scanning is required to make retainers so that you can maintain your new straighter smile. The retainers should be worn every night for the first 6 months, and then every 2-3 nights ongoing. You will be surprised how much teeth move through a single day. Your retainers can also be used to whiten your teeth on completion. Bonus!

orthodontics aligners before and after balwyn
orthodontics aligners makeover balwyn

How do I get started with aligners?

The first step is to come in and have a consultation with one of our dentists.

Your orthodontic consultation includes:

1. 30 minute appointment with one of our dentists
2. Full Photos for smile planning
3. 3d scan
4. Orthodontic X-rays

You will receive a treatment movie so you can approve your smile before you even begin!

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What kinds of bite can aligners fix?

Overbite correction

Upper teeth cover over the lower teeth by a proportion of between 30-50%.

dental crowding correction

The lack of space for all the teeth to fit can results in twisted or displaced teeth.

dental spacing correction

A bite where there are gaps between the teeth

rotation of teeth correction

When 1 or more teeth are not aligned and are orientated in a different direction

dental crossbite correction

Where the upper teeth are on the inside of the lower teeth

dental openbite correction

The upper front teeth do not overlap the lower

dental underbite correction

Where the lower teeth and jaw are in front of the upper teeth

midline shift dental correction

Where midline of the upper and lower teeth do not coincide.

narrow smile dental correction

Where the teeth do not fill out the lips, creating negative space

gummy smile dental correction

Where excessive gums shows

attachments aligners balwyn idental

To assist in movement.

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It is important to remember that the clients shown in the pictures above all have their own individual features and concerns, which may be different to yours. It is always important to seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified person. We work with each person to identify the best treatments for you so that we can achieve a result that you are happy with and looks good for you. Our aim is to naturally enhance you, whilst making you look like the best version of yourself.

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Frequently asked questions

What is orthodontics in dentistry?

Orthodontics in dentistry is a specialist branch of oral treatment that works to realign teeth and jaws that haven’t grown to form as straight as they could. Orthodontic treatment can benefit patients cosmetically, through aesthetic improvement to the mouth, face and jaw area. It can also improve oral function by correcting issues such as an overbite. At iDental we perform adult orthodontics, which is when the bones have stopped growing and the teeth need re-alignment.

What orthodontic treatments do you offer at iDental?

At iDental, we look at the whole face to determine the best treatment for you. This starts with the teeth and the position of each tooth in the jaw. Alignment of the teeth improves the height of the face, the position of the lips and chin. For younger children that are still growing, we will typically refer you to a specialist orthodontist. An orthodontist is an expert at assessing growth and the best timing of treatment based on a number of parameters.

Can anyone see an orthodontist? What age should I see one?

For children, we will help to guide which is the best age for treatment. This is not always based on the chronological age but usually on the developmental stage of the teeth and jaws. Some kids are ready earlier and some are ready later, and that is okay.
For adults, the sooner you start the longer you get to enjoy the treatment results. So many of our patients wonder why it took them so long to get on their orthodontic journey once they see how lovely the teeth look after treatment. It is never too late to start.

How much are orthodontic treatments?

The cost of your orthodontic treatment will depend on the type of treatment you need to align your teeth. Aligners can be required from as little as 6 months for some simpler tooth alignment corrections, or up to 18 months for more complicated treatments. Naturally the cost will vary depending on which option you choose. We’ll be able to provide a cost estimate at your consultation and offer payment options to make sure your treatment costs are manageable. If you have private health insurance, your plan may cover a proportion of your fees. Check with your provider to find out if orthodontic procedures are included in your cover.

What’s the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

When looking for an orthodontist in Balwyn, many people ask us this question. Dentists are doctors that specialise in jaw, gums, and teeth. While orthodontists are dentists as well, their primary focus is on how the teeth on the upper and lower jar interact and how to correct someone’s bite. Orthodontists have undertaken further study to focus their work entirely on aligning teeth.
We will always be honest with you when discussing your teeth, and guide you to the best person to treat your teeth, even if that is not us.

Why should I get orthodontic treatment at iDental?

We truly love upgrading the smiles of our patients. We will assess your teeth, lips and face as part of the treatment. If we can add to your result to enhance your smile, we will make all the options available to you.
Once you complete the orthodontic treatment,
you will receive a FREE whitening kit to complete your smile makeover.

What system of aligners do you use at iDental?

We do use a few systems based on your needs. Our Beautiful Smile Aligners are comfortable, very thin and move the teeth quickly into position.
We have personally had treatment using this system and are so pleased with the results.

What are some tips for looking after my aligners?

  • Always rinse them with cold or lukewarm water after removal
  • Do not clean them with hot water because heat can damage and warp the plastic
  • Brush and floss your teeth before wear
  • Soak them in retainer or denture cleaner
  • Remove the aligners before eating
  • Clean the aligners with mild soap daily
  • Never clean them with toothpaste

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