Dental & Cosmetic Treatments

Dental Treatment for Balwyn
Improve | Brighten | Maintain | Smile

Dental & Cosmetic Treatments

Improve | Brighten | Maintain | Smile

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Dental experts in Melbourne

A dentist that listens


The consultation process at iDental is something we are very proud of. Each new patient will have a full consultation with our Cosmetic Dentists to determine the best treatment options for your smile.

The patient journey starts with our patient coordinator who will get you settled in and ensure we have all of your relevant details.

Clinical Examination, Photography and X-rays
Essential full clinical photography is performed for each new patient as a baseline. We will take all necessary low-dose digital X-rays, and possible refer you to an imaging clinic for X-rays to determine your underlying health status.

Our dentists will discuss the options that are best for you, before putting together a treatment plan. The plan is a staged approach to treatment that will detail what procedures are recommended to achieve your smile goals.

Dental Cleans and Fluoride
Our best defence against gum disease and dental decay is having teeth that are free from copious dental plaque, tartar and other build up. Part of our standard clean is measuring the gum health and a full periodontal assessment. We will discuss how you can help keep your gums healthy at home, and then perform a detailed dental clean and fluoride treatment.

Take a tour

iDental Balwyn has been created so that you can experience optimal, affordable dental care in a luxe dental studio setting.
Complete with a skin clinic, you can undertake full facial planning. Take a tour of our practice, and you might just want to spend some time with us today!

Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Supportive dental care customised for you

Tranquil environment to kickstart your dental health

Prevent annoying dental problems before you even get them

Our practice is following the ADA guidelines for patient care, with COVID modified protocols.

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Dr. Giulia D'Anna has selected her treatments to suit the needs of her patients in our beautiful Balwyn clinic. We perform all general dental treatments and love treating patients of all ages. Dr Giulia does have a special interest in cosmetic dental treatments, with lovely results in resin veneers and similar treatments.

Our team is made up of an all female dental team of qualified and experienced Dentists and Assistants. You can trust that each dental treatment is personalised to you with the care, stunning results and fun! We are experienced, and believe it is important for you to have healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and radiant glowing skin.

An individualised treatment plan is the key to creating your perfect smile. We look after your whole face, to ensure that we maintain proportion, balance and harmony between your smile and facial features. It is important that your dentist at iDental Balwyn looks at any issues that may negatively impact your smile or health.

We love to make our patients smile, and create a perfect picture of health! Our range of treatment options comprises solutions for all ages, and ranges from your regular oral check up, right through to complex emergency procedures. All of the above are expertly delivered by passionate, skilled and well-trained professionals, covering all aspects of dental health and skin health.

Family Dentist

Great dental health begins at an early age, and it is important that the whole family have good hygiene. The iDental team are a kids friendly dentist, looking after kids as young as three, all the way to older adults.
The main goal of dentistry for children at our family dental clinic is to provide a warm, caring environment along with quality dental service to support and maintain the oral health of children from a young age. Our services in dentistry for children includes a complete oral hygienic solution as we aim to set the foundation for children and their lifelong positive dental habits.

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Our expert practitioners

Dr Giulia D'Anna
Principal Dentist
Cosmetic Injector
Dr Anthony Nguyen
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr Kaity Yeoh
Aligner expert
Shika Singh
Oral hygiene
  • Dr Giulia D'Anna
    Principal Dentist
    Cosmetic Injector
    Dr Anthony Nguyen
    Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dr Kaity Yeoh
    Aligner expert
    Shika Singh
    Oral hygiene

Get a new smile in 1 day!


Resin veneers are handcrafted and placed in one day. Our cosmetic dentists will assess and design your new smile, and you can leave our studio feeling confident and proud to smile. You can have whiter, straighter and a more perfect smile today!

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Accredited Balwyn Dentist

We verify and check our processes. Accreditation has recognised that iDental meets the standards set by Quality Innovation performance (QIP). This reflects iDental’s commitment to continuous quality improvements in systems, processes, policies, culture, risk management and staff management.


Book Online

If you need to book a dental check-up and clean in Melbourne, or require support with any other aspect of your oral health, we’d love to chat. Rest assured, we’re here to listen and understand. We are committed to taking the necessary time to examine, diagnose and comprehensively plan your treatment, for a beautiful smile!

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