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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your new smile

There are a number of options for a smile makeover and smile design here at iDental.

We love designing the smile of your dreams, and we absolutely love the incredible results that we achieve for our patients. Exclusively using the best materials, with the most passionate team of cosmetic dentists and ceramic laboratories, right here in Boroondara, we provide the bespoke and personalised approach each individual deserves. Because your smile is such a big part of you, and you are worth it.

Teeth whitening

When you think of a beautiful smile, we know that you are thinking of white and bright teeth. They don't need to be Hollywood white, which can look quite fake. Most people want natural white, which complements an overall natural but beautiful smile.
Whether it’s coffee, red wine, smoking or genetics, so many factors can contribute to you ending up with an off-white smile. But don’t panic, there’s a solution. Dental whitening by a professional teeth whitening dentist can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your smile. Whilst it may seem time and cost saving to opt for over the counter products, they can potentially damage your teeth whilst having no effect on your smile at all.

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The iDental difference

As cosmetic dentists, we try to achieve results that are age-appropriate and reflect what healthy teeth should look like, rather than the unnaturally bright smiles you might see on celebrities. At iDental, we believe in facially-driven smile design to create subtle differences that help enhance your overall appearance, ensuring both the health and appearance of your smile for years to come. This means that we will assess each tooth, the whole smile, your lips and face to make sure that all the parts work together.

What does an examination involve?

A regular and thorough examination will allow us to monitor and detect any problems with your teeth, fillings and gums in the earliest stages. This means that we detect small problems before they are harder to manage. We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth, while looking out for signs of gum disease, cavities and jaw joint problems. In many cases, we’ll also take detailed X-rays to check for any problems that may be hiding below your gum line or jaw bone. A regular checkup will allow us to identify the best treatment to rectify issues early, before they have a chance to develop into something more serious.

What happens during a smile consultation?

Dr. Giulia D'Anna and her team will assess your entire face, not just a tooth at a time when assessing your overall appearance. This means that we take into account your lips, cheeks and eyes, because these all play an important part of the smile and our communication with other people. Cosmetic Dentistry should compliment your face, and look exactly like you. Our aim is to create beautiful results, that are not easy to pick out.

Why should cosmetic dentistry look natural?

When dentistry is done well, your friends and family should notice that you look happy and glowing. They should not be able to pick out what changed. Why is that? Because if your friends start staring at your teeth, rather than glancing at your eyes and mouth, they probably don't look right for you. The smile and face should look balanced. This is kind of like when you have something stuck in your tooth and someone stares at you because it bothers them. Makes you feel self-conscious right? Cosmetic dentistry should not create this problem for you.

What makes a beautiful smile?

A beautiful smile should look like it belongs. The upper teeth should follow the gentle curve of your lower lip. There should be some upper teeth showing at rest, and even more when you smile. No one want people to stare at them because your smile looks fake or too long, or your teeth look too uber-brilliant white.

The steps for a smile makeover

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porcelain veneers before and after

Step 1

Consultation – Discuss the results you would like for your smile. We will take photographs and undertake a great examination to ensure we can assist with the best veneer selection for you.

Step 2

Any gum laser reshaping will be undertaken to ensure that the gums are even and have beautiful symmetry. Whitening is recommended so that the veneers can be blended with your smile for a lovely result for you.

Step 3

Resin & Componeers will be created and bonded during a single visit
Porcelain veneers – prepare your teeth and take an impression for laboratory fabrication. An extra visit will be arranged to bond the veneers

Tooth Jewels

Tooth jewellery, or tooth gems are tiny, decorative attachments that are bonded to the teeth with the same adhesive used for brackets for braces.

What types are there?

Tooth jewellery comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and even shapes. It can be made out of gold, diamonds, glass stones or just diamante.

How are tooth gems applied?

The application process is a simple and safe cosmetic procedure, which is best performed by a dental professional. The dental jewellery is bonded onto the tooth in the same way as an orthodontic bracket. It won't damage the tooth or remove any tooth structures, and doesn't need any special maintenance. It can last for years or longer.

Do tooth gems damage the tooth?
If you don't like it at any point, the gem and adhesive material can be removed without damaging the tooth.


How much are tooth jewels?

The price starts at $180. There are a variety of gemstones available.

Get a new smile in 1 day!


Resin veneers are handcrafted and placed in one day. Our cosmetic dentists will assess and design your new smile, and you can leave our studio feeling confident and proud to smile. You can have whiter, straighter and a more perfect smile today!

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Porcelain Veneers

Our porcelain veneers are custom designed to suit each smile and face. Our porcelain laboratory is located in Kew, and our technicians work closely with us to perfect our results. You will achieve a smile makeover in a few easy steps.

Does the procedure painful?

Porcelain veneers usually involve some alteration to the tooth structure. For this reason, we usually will use anaesthetic before beginning any work.
When we are placing the veneers into place, most patients prefer to go without anaesthetic so that they can feel the results, and see and instant beautiful result.

porcelain veneers before and after balwyn

Let's meet

If you need to book a dental check-up and clean in Melbourne, or require support with any other aspect of your oral health, we’d love to chat. Rest assured, we’re here to listen and understand. We are committed to taking the necessary time to examine, diagnose and comprehensively plan your treatment, for a beautiful smile!

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