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Whitening overview
How does BOOST whitening work?
What are the different whitening options?
What is the TRAY WHITE procedure?
Is tooth whitening safe?
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Whitening overview

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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps to lighten teeth by removing stains and discolouration. All teeth whitening products contain peroxide, either as carbamide peroxide (CP) or hydrogen peroxide (HP).

You can whiten your teeth at home with an over-the-counter treatment, but you will achieve better results by visiting one of our approved dentists, as their treatments typically contain a higher percentage of peroxide and are less abrasive. This leads to more effective results without damaging your tooth enamel.

Treatment for teeth whitening generally begins with a consultation with your iDental cosmetic dentist. It's important for your dentist to complete a thorough check-up to determine which kind of treatment is the best for your individual needs and wants.

BOOST whitening

OPALESCENCE BOOST WHITENING suits those patients that prefer to sit back and relax, whilst the professionals do all the work. You can watch our overhead TVs. After about one hour, you will leave our practice with whiter teeth.
For the iDental Opalescence Boost Whitening system, you will need to make sure that we check your teeth prior to beginning, which may include X-rays, or you can forward the most recent ones to us beforehand. The second visit is the whitening procedure.

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How does BOOST work?

Here is a rundown of the procedure:

Step 1: We activate the BOOST whitening gel.
Step 2: Your lips and gums are protected with barriers to avoid irritation.
Step 3: We apply the BOOST gel to your teeth. The process requires no harsh lights, so that the procedure has little to no sensitivity during the procedure, and also afterwards. This is perfect for almost all patients.
Step 4: The BOOST procedure involves 2-3 applications within the appointment for maximum whitening
Step 5: At the completion of the procedure, we will provide you with a refining whitening kit to take home to further "Boost" your result
Step 6: Enjoy the whitening Boost!

How can I maintain my whitening result?

The BOOST journey starts with your session at iDental, but we realise that everyone desires bright teeth that last the distance. So as a part of the treatment, we will provide you with a OPALESCENCE GO kit to take home. Whilst you may not wish to immediately refresh your smile, the kit can be used at any time to continue the process of whitening into the future.

The take home GO kit contains everything you need to continue whitening at home, and is included in the whitening price, so that there are no hidden extras.

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home tray whitening for teeth

TRAY whitening

OPALESCENCE TRAY WHITENING. Results of whitening are usually achieved in one to two weeks. If you have stained, dull, or yellow teeth you might find yourself hiding your smile. It’s important to feel confident when you smile, so using whitening products is a simple way to get that confidence back. Whitening involves applying bleach solutions to the teeth. The bleach attacks the highly coloured organic molecules that lodge between the crystals of tooth enamel (the outermost tooth covering) or in the dentine (the tooth material under the enamel). It's these organic particles that give the teeth a stained appearance. Applying a whitening solution to your teeth can restore them to their dazzling shade of white in a short amount of time.

Who should do tray whitening?

Opalescence TRAY whitening is perfect for:
+ Gentle whitening for sensitive teeth
+ Maintenance of tooth colour
+ Refresh of whitening before an event
+ Colour matching to existing dental work
+ Those who prefer to whiten at their own pace
+ Holidays and trips
+ Whiten anywhere, anytime