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Plans, Fees

Cosmetic, Dental & Hygiene

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Dental Treatment Plans

How long does a smile makeover take?

It depends on what treatment you have. For example, someone looking to replace all of their amalgams will take about 3 to 4 appointments. A veneer smile makeover will take about 2 appointments, including the consultation and photo stage.
Of course, individual cases vary and patients can choose to have longer appointments and achieve more in that time, or shorter appointments to accomplish 2-3 main tasks. We generally try and tailor your treatment times to have the fewest visits possible.

Where are your veneers and crowns made?

All of our crowns and porcelain veneers are either made onsite or at our specialised Kew partner laboratory, or our Sydney based partner orthodontic laboratory.

Where are you cosmetic orthodontic aligners made?

Where possible, we have our orthodontic aligners made locally in Australia. Some aligners also come from our Melbourne based labs, and other from our Sydney based laboratory partners.

Can I get a quote or treatment proposal?

Of course, we would feel uncomfortable starting without one. After you consultation visit, we will gather all the information we need such as older X-rays, and put together a treatment plan based on our discussions together. The plan will include the appointments you need, along with the expected costs. Occasionally you or we may modify the direction of treatment, should your goals change, or the health of the underlying tooth alter during the process. We will always inform you if things do change, and of course we would like you to feel comfortable with us, and let us know if you would like to achieve a different endpoint.

Can I book all my appointment now?

Wherever possible and with your permission, iDental will allocate you appointments for the proposed dental treatment. This allows you and us to both know how long your treatment will take and how many times we need to see you.

Dental Fees and insurance


Dental Fee guide

Check and clean with our hygienist
from $260

Check and clean with Dr Giulia
From $315

Cosmetic Dental Consultation
$120, including photos


Resin From $400 each
Porcelain From $1400 each

The HiSmile PAP+ InOffice Whitening experience
$430: Includes 1 hour experience.

Cosmetic Face Consultation


Grinding options

Starts at $350 depending upon the option

Sports mouthguard
Start from $140 based on sport impact