Tooth coloured fillings

Dental Treatment for Balwyn
Improve | Brighten | Maintain | Smile

Tooth coloured fillings

Dental Treatment for Balwyn
Improve | Brighten | Maintain | Smile

Tooth Coloured fillings in Melbourne

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Traditional fillings used in years gone by have been dark silver amalgam fillings. But times have changed. At iDental, we have never used amalgam fillings. Tooth coloured composite resin fillings done in our dental studio are strong, long-lasting and undetectable.

What does amalgam removal involve?

Removal of amalgam is a simple process. We will assess your teeth and plan treatment is sections. This means that a few teeth can usually be treated at once.
On the removal appointment, we will remove the amalgam, keeping the high speed suction over the tooth so that it is instantly removed from your mouth as it comes out. This will also whisk away any odour or vapour.
The tooth will then be filled using a layering technique.
Finally the composite is polished to a high lustre.

Can I claim removal of my fillings on health insurance?

Yes. This is routine dentistry. We will provide you with a written quote so that you can check before we begin how much the process will be. We also offer payment plans through a loan platform that makes it easy to stay on top of your dental health.

What is a filling?

The fillings that we use at iDental are made from composite resin materials or porcelain, depending on the problem. The best filling will repair damage and and improve the appearance of both the tooth and your smile.

How long to white fillings last?

Small fillings last the longest as they are protected by the surrounding tooth, and also don't get a lot of wear and tear. This is usually many years. For large fillings, the white filling will slowly wear down over time. Although the composite filling will last many years, it is usually better to use a porcelain bonded filling for these larger and wider fillings.

How much do white composite fillings cost?

The cost of a white tooth coloured filling will vary depending upon the size and how many layers it needs. We are meticulous in the replacement of old fillings and try to restore the appearance of the tooth back to as close as the original unfilled tooth as possible. We will give you a quote before starting. Most fillings are $200+

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Amalgam free

We really enjoy being amalgam-free. We have been undertaking tooth-coloured fillings using composite resin bonding in Melbourne for over 22 years. We use colour-matched tooth-coloured or white fillings, so that the fillings are virtually undetectable.
You will have the confidence to smile widely every time, without seeing the grey or
silver in your mouth. Read more here

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Digital intraoral camera

You can take a tour of your own mouth! We have a digital intraoral camera wear we can show you what your mouth looks like, what we are planning and gives you a birds-eye view of the treatment being proposed.

Sometimes what your dentist says can seem a bit of a mystery, but here at iDental we love for you to be involved in your treatment and fully understand what will help get your dental health back and your smile looking its best.


Planning treatment

We want you to be involved in the dental process. After looking at all the information we have, we will put together a treatment plan for you. This is a step-by-step plan to get your dental health back to it's best.

We have a wide range of treatments available, so we will work with you to come up with the best solution.
This might be replacing amalgam fillings, whitening or placing crowns on your teeth. Together we will work on the solution to dental health.

We also offer dental payment plans through a plan provider which is interest free.

Digital 3D scanner

Taking physical impressions can be a lot to handle, particularly if you have a sensitive tongue and palate. We have invested in a 3D dental scanner so that we can make your visit as comfortable as possible. The scanning head is small and warm, so that you can sit back and relax. No more gagging!

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a dental filling?

A tooth filling can cost you between $200 and $300 depending on the size and tooth filling material involved. Other factors include the location of the tooth and the number of tooth surfaces to be filled.
Porcelain materials can cost more, but last much longer.

What is a dental filling?

A dental or tooth filling is a repair process used by a dentist to fix a hole or cavity in the tooth back to health. The tooth needs to be cleaned and the decay and bacteria removed using a dental drill. This is driven by air, so makes a high pitched sound. The dentist will then use a filling to repair and fill in the hole.

The filling protects the tooth from further decay, helps with chewing, and restores your smile and confidence. A tooth filling is also used to restore broken and worn-down teeth, which can occur due to trauma or grinding.

Can I eat after a dental filling?

You can eat after a tooth filling after a suitable waiting time has elapsed once local aesthetics has worn off. Composite resin fillings are ready to use immediately as we set them with blue light. It is important to be careful whilst numb to protect your lip and tongue. Sometimes a tooth can be sensitive after it is worked on, but in most cases this is temporary and will resolve by itself in a few days.

Can you fix broken teeth?

Yes we can. Most teeth that are broken can be filled to look and fill like a natural tooth again. Where a tooth is badly broken or decayed, we might ask you to consider a crown. A crown is stronger than a filling and will hold the tooth together better.
In Balwyn Melbourne, iDental also has emergency dental times available for you. We also work with an emergency clinic for after hours serious emergencies so that you are looked after.

How long does a filling take? How long does a dental filling last?

A tooth filling takes an hour or less to be completed at iDental Balwyn. Often we try to complete a couple of teeth in once visit so that our treatment is planned to save you time.

Dental fillings usually last many years, but are not permanent. The size of the filling, the shape of the tooth and a few other factors will determine how long a filling will last. If you have had the experience of constant filling breakage, it is time to speak to Dr Giulia at iDental Balwyn, Melbourne. She is honest with your needs and her recommendations.