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General Dental Clinic | Cosmetic Results

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General Dental Clinic | Cosmetic Results

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spa & clinic

Volume 76, 2019
Smile Technology

The fact that teeth and skin treatments are a great combination is proven by dentist turned dermal therapist, Dr Giulia D’Anna, who started as a dentist in the 90s, but has since combined her passion for teeth with her passion for skin.
“I graduated as a dentist from Melbourne University in 1996, and started up my own dental practice iDental just two years later [...] The
game changer for me was in 2013, where I attended an intensive dental workshop on skin treatment and cosmetic injectables. This really opened my mind to what I could do with my already acquired dental and medical knowledge. Up until then, I was trained to focus on one small area of the teeth and gums, but the smile is so much more than that. The smile is your whole face, and without paying any reference to the face, I was not assisting my patient as much as I thought I was,” Dr D’Anna explains.

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MARCH 5, 2019
How to get rid of acne scars: Which treatment is right for you?

Anyone who’s ever had acne will tell you it’s not fun.

But for some, the physical and emotion pain of having all sorts of different types of pimples doesn’t end when they heal, because they leave behind acne scars.

Acne scars typically look like little divets or dents in the skin where there’s been a loss of skin tissue, and having them on your face can dent your self confidence too.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to reduce the appearance of acne scars. From the best products for acne scars and microneedling to Fraxel and laser treatment for acne scars, let’s unpack how to get rid of acne scars.

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10 daily

FEB 28, 2019
Six Dentist-Approved Teeth-Cleaning Hacks For Seriously Pearly Whites

Keeping your smile healthy might seem like a drag at times -- all that brushing, flossing and rinsing. Then there's the bi-annual trip to the dentist. *shudder*
We don't have much choice but to grin and bear it in dentist Giulia D'Anna's opinion.

The founder of iDental told 10 daily that neglecting our dental health can have some severe consequences.

Poor gum health and periodontal disease are closely linked with heart disease -- one study found people who have less than 10 teeth remaining have 7 times the chance of having a heart attack than those people that have 25 teeth or more.

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new idea

FEB 26, 2019
How to get a red-carpet ready smile

There's nothing quite so lovely as a bright white smile.

But how to get one if yours isn't quite up to scratch?

Never fear - we have a few tips and tricks that will get you there.

Get ready for the smile of your dreams to become reality!

TIP ONE: Eat celery.

Chewing celery helps in producing more saliva in your mouth which prevents plaque acids. Eating celery once a week can help keep your teeth naturally clean on top of brushing, says Dr Giulia D'Anna, founder of iDental.

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the news times

FEB 21, 2019
Dentist reveals her top five tricks for clean teeth

For most people, a twice-daily clean and the occasional dentist visit sums up their oral hygiene routine.

But with three in 10 Australian adults between 25 and 44 suffering untreated tooth decay, it’s clear that this may not be enough.

To help, dentist Dr Giulia D’Anna, the founder of iDental, has revealed her top five ‘hacks’ for keeping teeth clean outside the normal regime – and the key lifestyle mistakes people are making that lead to dental issues in the long term.

Dentist Dr Giulia D’Anna (pictured), the founder of iDental , has revealed her top five ‘hacks’ for keeping teeth clean outside the normal regime

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the daily mail australia

FEB 21, 2019
How to get a sparkling smile without spending a fortune

For most people, a twice-daily clean and the occasional dentist visit sums up their oral hygiene routine.

But with three in 10 Australian adults between 25 and 44 suffering untreated tooth decay, it's clear that this may not be enough.

To help, dentist Dr Giulia D'Anna, the founder of iDental, has revealed her top five 'hacks' for keeping teeth clean outside the normal regime - and the key lifestyle mistakes people are making that lead to dental issues in the long term.

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business woman media

FEB 12, 2019

Transparency is a term of diminishing linguistic value in the realm of business. Fanatically overused, the word has become a marketing tool that persuades consumers to trust the seller. The cut-throat nature of the business world seems to demand that transparency become a principle of theory rather than practicality. But should transparency just be a superficial value for us as women in business? Or is there merit in chasing after true transparency in your company?

In my 20 years’ experience, as a business owner and medical practitioner in both the dental and cosmetic industries, being honest and open with patients has been invaluable.

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smart company

FEB 13, 2019
How to be sensitive to your clients’ needs and emotions

I work with people’s health, appearances and self-esteem on a daily basis. And if I have learnt anything in my 20 years doing so, it is that being sensitive to my patient’s needs and emotions is crucial to ensuring they are satisfied customers.

This concept is not only relevant to the health industry but also applies to any industry that deals with people. Insensitivity can mean losing clients, opening your business to harsh critique or even losing future referrals from business prospects. Most importantly, as business people, we have a responsibility to care for every client and customer who requires our goods and services. This means we must strive to understand and attend to every need and emotion our clients direct at us.

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better homes & gardens

FEB 12, 2019

Under-eye bags and dark circles are aesthetic ailments that many of us have. There are many schools of thought on the topic of under-bags and dark circles. Some think the appearance of them comes down to the natural ageing process while others believe it is a result of your diet or genetics. To get to the bottom of this issue we consulted some beauty professionals about ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes, and how to get rid of bags under eyes.

What causes under-eye bags and dark circles?

Dr Giulia D’Anna is the founder of skincare clinic Dermal Distinction, and an expert in all things beauty and skincare. Giulia says that some dark circles and

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beauty biz

FEB 11, 2019

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a treatment that utilises a drug called a photosensitised and a particular colour o light to activate it. When exposed to a specific wavelength of light, a form of oxygen is produced that kills nearby cells.

PDT has long been used to medically treat pre-malignant conditions, such as actinic keratoses, some superficial skin cancers and other skin conditions like psoriasis. The first clinical study for humans was conducted 1978, and in 1999 PDT became an approved treatment for medical use.

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womens network

FEB 1, 2019
Skin By Number

Your skin is a dynamic organ that changes over the years due to genetics and environmental challenges that it faces.
I am not just talking about little lines and wrinkles. I am talking about deeper changes that occur, affecting the way your skin functions. Let’s look at the changes that occur and some simple skincare tips that can help boost your skin health.

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Jan 30, 2019

Everyone these days wants a brighter, whiter smile, but we need to spare a thought about the health of our teeth too. Whiter teeth does not necessarily mean that our teeth and gums are healthy. So to help you on your journey to a healthier mouth, Dr Giulia D’Anna, Founder iDental shares her top 10 tips.

For dental decay to take place, we need bacteria and sugar in our mouth. The bacteria converts the sugar into acid. Sticky foods generally have a ….

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interview women on topp entrepeneur
women on topp

JAN 22, 2019
Inspiring Women
Bossbabe Dr. Giulia D’Anna, Talks About Her Business & Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Giulia D’Anna graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1996 as a dentist, and later graduated from the AACDS as a dermal therapist. She established iDental in 1998, and is committed to great results. Giulia attributes her drive for business success from her father, who always had huge motivation and drive to push for better performance in his business every single day.

Dr. Giulia D’Anna has impeccable credentials as a cosmetic dentist and these have earned her a well-deserved reputation for being one of the leading dentists in Australia. Dr. Giulia D’Anna’s ethos was to create a practice and centre of excellence, which embraced only the best in contemporary dentistry and customer service. The vision is to offer state of the art techniques and procedures and the most aesthetically pleasing results, drawing on the skills of only the most talented doctors. This also included the assurance of painless treatment delivered in relaxed, warm and welcoming settings.

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expert dental flossing foxtel
foxtel lifestyle

Jan 20, 2019
What's happening in your mouth when you don't floss

It’s no secret that flossing isn’t our favourite thing to do, but what exactly happens when we skip a night… or two?

Whether you skip your nightly floss because you’re too tired, forget, or simply can’t be bothered, you’re not alone.
“Research indicates only 30 per cent of adults floss their teeth, and only 22 per cent do it correctly,” Dr Giulia D’Anna, founder of iDental, reveals.

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better homes & gardens

JAN 9, 2019
How to simplify your beauty routine and get ready faster

For many women the morning and evening routine of cleansers, seriums, lotions and potions can be an exhausting one. Throw some makeup application into the mix (if you like wearing makeup) and it makes what should be a quick job seem like a marathon. Everyone is busy and time-poor these days, so make a little extra time for doing things you enjoy by streamlining and simplifying the necessities.

Dr Giulia D’Anna is the founder of Dermal Distinction, a premier skin clinic in Balwyn, Victoria. Giulia has put together a guide for simplifying and streamlining your beauty routine.

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the womens network

Jan 8, 2019

I remember once hearing Angelina Jolie say that she hated her lips when she was young. Now, her bee-stung lips are desired by many people. But what makes them so good? Let’s look at the perfect lips to break down the best features.

The ancient Greeks recognized that in nature, beauty exists when an object, plant or person has proportion to the parts of itself. This is called Phi Proportions. In medical science, studies have been performed to examine these proportions in relation to the human face. When comparing the upper and lower lips, the lower lip should be larger than the upper by 1.618 times. Change this, and the lips do not look right.

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DEC 24, 2018

Ah, the silly season. So silly, isn’t it?
We drink, we eat, we nap and eat again, dance and do all the fun things on weeknights we wouldn’t normally.
The other thing that happens around Christmas and New Year’s is your skin freaks out.
Depending on your skin type and age, a skin freak out could be anything from acne and pimples, skin sallowness and dull texture, to increased redness and irritation or a full blown eczema flare up.
Armed with knowledge we will most certainly be silly during the silly season, we asked three skin experts A) why our skin freaks out so much over the holiday period, B) what products you can use to help, and C) the only four things you should do if you don’t have time to look after your skin properly.

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the womens network

DEC 14, 2018

Remember when you were around 13 and everyone had braces on their teeth?

It was usually a two year process of awkward eating, silver wires and difficult teeth cleaning. Well things have progressed in dentistry, so that getting a lovely smile doesn't need to be an unattractive process.

Let’s look at the options.
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the womens network

NOV 22, 2018

It is easy to focus on our hair and makeup when getting ready for the party season, but your skin and smile should be centre of attention. Here are some easy tips to rev up your regime before the end of year celebrations begin.

After winter, our skin can often appear dull and lacklustre with indoor heating pumping day and night. To achieve a dewy complexion, we literally need to shed our winter skin, exposing the fresh layers underneath. This can sound scary but skin treatment should be gently progressive, never aggressive.

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the lifestyle edit

DEC 14, 2018

Remember back in the 80’s when a tan meant that you were glowing with health?

Well hopefully we all know better than that now. Even though the sun beckons us to spend more time outside, protecting your skin is more important than ever. Aside from the skin cancer risks associated with sun damage, ninety percent of visible ageing comes from the hours you’ve spent in the sun.

But with so many sunscreen options, it can be confusing, so let us break it down.
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the herald sun

AUGUST 25, 2018

Dr Giulia D'Anna was interviewed as a key opinion leader for the Herald Sun feature. Dr D'Anna said "Most of our patients combine cosmetic injectable treatments with other procedures, whether it's working on the teeth to get the best smile result and then work outwards to achieve a full cosmetic result, or referring patients to our dermal or skin therapist who also operates within the practice".

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