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Some of us never had lip volume. Others have lost the volume they once had. Whatever the reason, lips are the centre of every conversation and every smile. Restoring and enhancing lips are very important to the overall proportion of our face.
The lips we create at Dermal Distinction are natural and within proportion. Our advanced cosmetic injector, Dr Giulia D'Anna is a dentist. This means that we truly understand lips and the best shape to create for you. Additionally all our enhancements are performed using dental anaesthetic so they are completely comfortable.

What are lip fillers made of?
Lip filler, or dermal filler, are made from a naturally occurring sugar molecule that is found usually within your own skin and lip tissue. Our dermal filler products are high grade medical products that are TGA-listed, and are not animal-derived, which keeps you safe.
The lip filler enhancement will integrate with your own tissues so that they feel and look natural. The filler is gradually broken down over time by your own body, as is the natural normal process that occurs daily within our skin and lips to keep our body at it's best.
What are the costs? The cost of lip filler will vary with your needs. Most people need at least 1ml of filler, and this is $550.
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What is the process?
Step one: You will have a one-on-one in-person consultation with Dr D'Anna about your lips and the type of enhancement that you need.
Step two: Photos will be taken.
Step three: Normal dental anaesthesia is undertaken around the lips so that you are completely comfortable with treatment (no ineffective creams, ice or jumping or tears!)
Step four: Using the cannula technique, Dr D'Anna will enhance your lips, keeping the proportions natural and the result lump free. Although a small possibility, bruising is not common with this procedure.
Step five: One week after treatment, Dr D'Anna will review the result, and make sure your result is natural and lump free.

What parts of my lips can be enhanced?
The outer border of the lips, as well as the main lip tissue are the most commonly-enhanced areas and provide both volume and definition. Lip enhancement may be applied to the top and bottom lip to keep a natural look.
As we get older, the lip tissue bleeds into the skin around the mouth, so enhancing the border helps to recreate a distinct lip, keeping your lipstick or gloss in place. Defining the border also helps to stretch our any "smokers lines" or wrinkles around the mouth too. However there are other options for this area too, so speaking to Dr D'Anna will help us plan the best lip enhancement for you.
A final enhancement is the philtral columns. These are the lines that run from under your nose down to the tips of the upper lip. Again over time, these flatten out, so that the lips fold in more than they used to. By enhancing these lines, the lips re-connect to the face and the Cupid’s bow on your top lip can be enhanced to make the curve more pronounced.

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Our results will vary depending upon your needs and natural lip tissue

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