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Welcome to iDental.
iDental is a unique dental practice, where we combine Dental and Dermal science. The iDental team is made up of qualified and experienced Dentists, Dermal Therapists, Dental nurses and Beauty therapists. We can assure you that each treatment is performed with the highest degree of care and confidence. We love seeing people of all ages, and truly enjoy what we do. We are experienced, and believe it is important for you to have healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and radiant glowing skin.
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Our Philosophy

At iDental, our philosophy is simple. We want you to have the best teeth and skin possible. Our practice is beautiful, and we hope that you enjoy our office and our professional care as much as we love looking after you.” Dr. Giulia D'Anna BDSc, MRACDS, FIADFE, Grad. Dip. Derm Ther, Grad Cert IPL.

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Your First Appointment

Our iDental office is beautiful, and we look forward to making you feel at home. The iDental team want to get to know you, so will spend some time discussing what is important to you, including your dental and skin concerns, and what your goals are. Together we can discover what the best options are to make your goals reality. To help make your first visit run smoothly, you may prefer to pre-fill our New Patient form. You can mail it, email it, or bring it along to your first visit with us. Click here to print our New Patient Form

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Energy efficiency: Solar Power

Our environment is very important to Dr. D'Anna, and we try and reduce our impact as much as possible. We have 40 micro-inverter solar panels on our roof to convert the free energy provided by the sun into usable power, to reduce our environmental foot print. Follow our day to day power production HERE.

Our operating hours are:
Monday 9am - 6pm........Tuesday 9am - 7pm........Wednesday 9am - 5pm........Thursday 9am - 6pm........Friday 9am - 1:30pm