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Welcome to iDental.
iDental is a group of professionals committed to offering high-quality dentistry and MediSpa skin services in a caring and comfortable environment. We love seeing people of all ages, and truly enjoy what we do. We are experienced, and understand the importance for you to have healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and radiant, glowing skin. We believe that our care extends beyond just your teeth. At iDental, we believe that the health of your teeth, smile and skin are equally important. We will willingly work with you to achieve the best health and appearance in these key areas.
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Our Philosophy

“My goal is to provide our patients with self-confidence & exceptional cosmetic results. We aim to do this through exceptional dentistry, looking beyond just the teeth. We strive to enhance your natural health and beauty…to create more youthful smiles and faces – but maintaining a natural refreshing appearance.” Dr. Giulia D'Anna BDSc, MRACDS, Dip. Prac. Man.

We provide general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic care at it highest level in a luxe environment. Our goal is to provide each patient with an experience that surpasses the typical dental practice. We pride ourselves on making dental visits a positive, pleasant experience for everyone.

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Your First Dental Appointment

As you walk into our iDental office, you will immediately notice the calm and comfort of our office and patient lounge. At your first visit, you will be greeted by our friendly team. Your details will be registered with us, whilst you enjoy chilled water, a caffè latte or hot chocolate. Your team will assist you with looking after both your dental and skin health, through thorough assessment and discussion. Your team will guide you through the options available. To help make your first visit run as smoothly as possible, you can pre-fill our detailed New Patient form. You can either mail it, email it, or bring it along to your first visit with us. Click here to print our New Patient Form


Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry: Beyond teeth. Dentistry is about more than just improving the teeth and smile. It is important to take into account the health of your skin and symmetry of your facial features. Dentists have the extensive training in facial anatomy, muscles and the way to frame your smile. We have very high standards in the products we use, the techniques and our sterilisation procedures.
At iDental, we have extensive knowledge in the expansive field of facial aesthetics, where science and artistry combine to create the smile you truly love.

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Energy efficiency: Solar Power
Our environment is very important to Dr. D'Anna, and we try and reduce our impact as much as possible. We have 40 micro-inverter solar panels on our roof to convert the free energy provided by the sun into usable power, to reduce our environmental foot print. Follow our day to day power production HERE.

Our operating hours are:
Monday 9am - 6pm........Tuesday 9am - 7pm........Wednesday 9am - 5pm........Thursday 9am - 6pm........Friday 9am - 4pm

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